Scrolls of Elorath 1 - Intro to Living Vampyrism (read first)


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Living Vampyres are sovereign individuals who are self-initiated and energetically sensitive beings that in practice are part alchemist, part sorcerer, part witch, and part magician. Vampyres, when spelled with a y, are usually more complex than the standard definitions of lifestyle vampires (those concerned with aesthetics and philosophy), psychic vampires (energy feeding) and sanguine vampires (blood drinkers). Often blurring the lines between these three topped off with the practice of Vampyre Magick. Living Vampyres learn to gather Lifeforce and energy by interacting with the environment around them. They then refine the gathered energy into a higher form known as Ambrosia through a highly sacred alchemical act, known to Vampyres as Communion. Once this act has been completed, the Vampyre can then, as an individual or as a part of a group, direct the Ambrosia toward a goal or intention through Vampyric Magick and Sorcery.

Below, we offer definitions of some of the most fundamental terms and concepts of Elorathian Vampyrism:

Black Veils
The Black Veils are a curated collection of traditions, cultures, words of power, and teachings researched and compiled by Father Sebastiaan on his 25-year journey through the Vampyre/Vampire Culture and Current. Examples of Black Veils include: Immortality, Dragon, Primal, Romance, Mystery, Transhumanism, Music, Culture, Elegance, Glamour, Courtesy, Chivalry, Magick, Ritual, Libertine, Strigoi Vii and Sensuality.

Types of Vampires
Listed below are some of the basic categories of individuals within the Vampyre/Vampire Community:

- Lifestyle Vampires adhere to the archetype of the Vampire Mythos in aesthetics, lifestyle, and/or philosophy.
- Psychic Vampires are energy vampires who come in a variety of types that range from ethical, emotional, and lifeforce psychic vampires to traditional psychic vampires.
- Sanguine Vampires have the need to consume physical blood or the energy contained in the blood to fulfill their Need.
- Black Swans are “special friends of Vampyres,” including understanding partner's/lovers, supportive family, and good friends. They are familiar with the Vampyre Culture (VC) but not “initiated.” They often act as donors, but such is not always the case. White Swans are the opposite of Black Swans and hostile to the Vampyre Culture.
- Strigoi Vii is a tradition of Living Vampyre Witches who mix witchcraft and Vampyrism. They are the shamans of the Sanguinarium.

Originally, the “Sang” was a network of organizations (Houses, Orders, and Courts), businesses (shops, fangsmiths, and theaters), gatherings (Vampire Balls, banquets, and Salons) and individuals embracing the Vampyre subculture. The origins of the Sanguinarium trace back to the early 1990s, when it was founded by Father Sebastiaan of the Sabretooth Clan. Over the years, it has evolved into one of the most prominent communities related to the Vampyre archetype, setting forth traditions fully realized within, and adopted by, many distinct groups.

Elorath is the collective unconsciousness we call the “Vampyre Current” and those of similar modifications which spawned from the Sanguinarium. It is reinforced by the practices of our traditions, philosophies, and collective will.

Zhep’r / Xepher / Kheper
Zhep’r is our term for Vampyric awakening, transformation, metamorphosis, and evolution. This word is very closely related to the Temple of Set’s Xeper (“to come into being”) and the Kheprian word Khepera (“to transform, become and evolve”). We strive for eternal transformation and growth of the Self, without which we become stagnant and limited.
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