Scroll of Elorath 13 - Vampyre Energy Work


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Energy work for some sensitives requires study, while for others it comes naturally. Energy workers can also practice and expand their energetic skills with time and experience. Practices like qigong, visualization, breath manipulation, laying of hands, reiki, tantra, magick, sorcery, and yoga can help accelerate Zhep’r and aid in the awakening, metamorphosis, and transformation of the individual. Ritual and ceremonial magick using tools and reagents can help focus, raise, and direct the energy of an individual or group. Many Vampyres are natural energy workers and find such techniques very much a part of their practice of Vampyre Magick.

Lifeforce flow is controlled by the breath and by visualization, following the mental flow that one chooses. All living things must respire in some way. Respiration in animals, broadly defined, is the process of transporting oxygen from the air to the cells of the animal’s body, where it can be converted to energy. Breathing is one way that animals, including humans, bring oxygen into the body. Since breath and Lifeforce energy are so closely linked for humans, the Vampyre can manipulate energy through manipulation of the breath.

Shielding is an essential Vampyric defensive energy technique. There are times when the Vampyre needs to block unwanted energies; as Vampyres are more sensitive to energies than the average human, it is extremely important for the Vampyre to learn to control and reinforce their subtle shields.

In most esoteric paradigms, centering is the next step beyond grounding in energy work. It is often associated with directing the focus, which involves bringing one’s energy into a specific state of relaxation in order to orient it towards a particular goal. The distinction between centering and directing the focus is that centering merely unites one’s internal energies without consideration for any particular goal. The most common centering techniques are meditation and breathwork, including forms of yoga.

Cycling, as the name suggests, is a circular flow of energy. This circular flow of energy can be incorporated into the various Vampiric techniques, with two basic modes of applications: internal (within the Subtle Body) and external (between one’s Subtle Body and the Subtle Body of another person). The cycling technique can also be used for subtle healing practices when the Vampyre wishes to “purify” or “clean” the energy they are sending back to the patient. Two or more Living Vampyres may also cycle energy amongst themselves to raise its frequency and intensity for magickal, energetic, bonding, or ritual purposes.

Filtering is an energy cleansing technique that controls which energies penetrate the aura and enter into the core of the Living Vampyre’s Subtle Body. It can be used while feeding, and as a defensive technique. More advanced Vampyres use filtering as an alternative to shielding, because their level of Zhep’r requires them to interact with more energy than can be permitted by shielding. The Vampyre must have basic energy work skills and Lifeforce sensitivity in order to properly filter energy.

Grounding is when one brings their internal energy under control by releasing stagnant or unwanted energies into the earth or sky. Vampiric grounding is the metamorphic equivalent to grounding an electrical wire. Grounding is very important, especially when working with large amounts of energy. Most Living Vampires use the earth as a “grounding tool.;” However, the zenith (the heavens) can also ground energy. Many individuals are naturally grounded and skilled at this type of energy manipulation, while others have difficulty grounding themselves. Of the Vampyres attuned to a specific Elorathian Pulse, those attuned to Ramkht are the least grounded, while those attuned to Mradu are commonly exceptionally grounded individuals. Due to their intense interactions with energy, those Vampyres attuned to Kitra Pulse often need grounding.