Scroll of Elorath 3 - The Vampyre Current


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The Vampyre Current of Elorath refers to the communal spirit and egregore of the Sanguinarium Vampyre Culture and Community. This Current can also be viewed as a living entity that is the result of the Sanguinarium’s mutual agreement, rituals, actions, traditions, philosophy, and culture. Often, the Current is referred to as the psychological and / or spiritual “blood” of the Family, as it is what binds the Culture together. The Current is not physical. Rather, it is made up of subtle energies including–but not limited to– thoughts, emotions, ideas, concepts, links, and Lifeforce.

As the Current flows from each individual Vampyre’s success and personal evolution, it is added to the collective flow of energy within the Family, which can then, in turn, be tapped into by its members. The quality and quantity of individuals in agreement is a resource that amplifies the Current as a whole, as long as the individuals make sincere efforts to invest their passion, love and loyalty.

As an egregore (Greek for watcher), the Current is an elemental built from psychological, spiritual, cultural and philosophical ties and is fueled by offerings, collective actions, recognition, and consensus among practitioners. Egregores can be born, forgotten and evolve. Ancient examples of egregores can even be personified as deities or heroes, entire cultures, and even living stories, mythologies and legends. Modern examples of egregores can be the “team spirit” of a sports team, the interactions between the fans of a superhero franchise or TV series (like Marvel, DC, Doctor Who or Star Wars), or the collective consciousness of a corporation like Google, Tesla, or Apple.

Pulses within the Current of Elorath are inspired by Carl Jung’s conception of archetypes and the collective unconsciousness, first introduced to the Vampyre/Vampire Community through the Kheprian Order. Each Pulse represents a different archetype within the Current and focuses on promoting particular Words of Power to help members of the Family concentrate on specific Black Veils and tap into the Vampyre Current. There are four major Pulses, including the Trinity of Mradu (Warriors), Ramkht (Magicians), and Kitra (Counselors), as well as Elorath (the Dragon):

MRADU (Warriors) focus on the Black Veils of Chivalry, Loyalty, Honor, Warrior, Nobility, and Love. They are the guardians and protectors of the Vampyre Current.

RAMKHT (Magicians) focus on the Black Veils of Knowledge, Magick, Creativity, Dreaming, and Wisdom. They are the inspiration and directors of the Vampyre Current.

KITRA (Councilors) focus on the Black Veils of Witch, Romance, Seduction, Libertine, and Dance. They are the weavers and councilors of the Vampyre Current.

ELORATH (The Dragon) focuses on the Black Veils of Immortality, Apotheosis, Sorcery, Mastery and Dragon. The core element of the Current and not able to be initiated into.
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