Scrolls of Elorath 11 - Vampyre Gatherings


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Vampyres are highly social, yet at the same time, they are highly independent. Tring to organize them is as easy as herding cats. Many of their events are held in secret and are meant exclusively for Vampyres and their special guests. Other gatherings are more open and welcome those who wish to celebrate with Vampyres in style. Each event organizer may have their own style, or chosen theme(s), and not all events follow the models presented here. Vampyres and nightlife legends still speak of the Long Black Veil (1997-2000) parties at MOTHER club in New York City’s Meatpacking District, the Fang Club in Los Angeles, Gala Nocturna in Belgium, the Anne Rice Vampire Ball in New Orleans, Dracula’s Ball in Philadelphia, Vampire Ball PDX in Portland, and of course, the Endless Night Vampire Balls around the world.

Vampire Balls
Vampire Balls are an intrinsic element of the Vampyre Culture and the preeminent events of the VC. The Balls can be seen as the ultimate space to celebrate and express the Black Veils. The most famous example of such an event is the Endless Night Vampire Ball. In response to the question of what the Endless Night Vampire Ball is all about, the best answer would be, “The Endless Night Vampire Ball is like a Venetian Masque Ball meeting a Vampire Court, with the energy of a rock concert and the elegance of a burlesque cabaret!”

The Endless Night Vampire Ball events began in 1996 with the intention of bringing the smaller Vampyre gatherings going at the time to a much higher level and standard. The Vampire Balls have inspired a style of event that mixes masquerade balls, pagan and /esoteric gatherings, and fetish parties. These events, which have strict dress codes, may feature bands, DJs, and ballroom music and dancing–sometimes even tango and salsa. An attendee might be treated to Victorian and burlesque styles of dress and décor and performances from belly dancers and fire breathers, as well as a number of vendors selling their unique artistic wares. Vampire Balls are important ceremonies, and no self-respecting Vampyre would dare to appear out of elegant or high couture attire, be it self-made, or an outfit made of a collection of articles they shopped for in anticipation of the next event. The producers of these events scrutinize and maintain the integrity of the dress code for all guests, performers, and staff. Other Vampire Ball events have been held in many major cities throughout Europe and America, such as the Vampire Ball PDX in Portland and the Coven Gathering Ball in New Orleans on Halloween for the Anne Rice “fangdom,.” as previously mentioned.

Convivium – A Vampyre Banquet
A Convivium in the Black Veils tradition is a formal Vampyre banquet, in which a feast is held for the pleasure of sharing, in good company, excellent food and conversation. The spirit of the feast is very much a celebration of being with the chosen family that we have been welcomed into, honoring our Vampyre Blood and putting aside conflicts in an effort to move beyond interpersonal differences and disagreements. The term for these Vampyre banquets hails from the Roman term convivium, which is focused on the cena, or the main meal of the day. Such Roman banquets were modeled on the Etruscan interpretation of the Greek symposium. A Vampyre Convivium is intended to be an opportunity to bring forth a spirit of togetherness; by sharing food of exceptional quality, it also serves to raise the standards of all participants by celebrating the Black Veils of Elegance, Classy, Civility, and Gourmet.

Salon Noir
A Vampyre Salon is a private gathering held for members in a specific geographical region or for the designated purposes of socialization, community-building, ritual practice, ceremony, exhibition of art, music, and learning. Salons are artistic versions of Courts. Salon events are different from Vampire Balls in that they are more intimate events, “hidden in plain sight,” and close to the profane Dayside World; they set certain standards of entry to focus the spirit and energy of the gathering. “Outer Courts” are semi-public events with standards of dress code, while “Inner Courts” are more private and by the Host’s invitation only. Salons can be held as one-off special events, or they can be monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, or annual.