Scrolls of Elorath 2 - Dayside, Nightside & Twilight


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Within the Vampyre Culture (VC) and community, there are traditionally two primary paradigms: the Dayside (the mundane, profane, and “normal” world) and the Nightside (the spiritual and metaphysical world). This dual concept was created by the Temple of the Vampire (TOV) and has been adopted over the years by the majority of the VC as standard terminology. This book is firmly rooted in understanding the difference and balance between the Dayside and Nightside paradigms as described in the Black Veils.


The Dayside is the objective reality of the mundane and profane world as experienced through the five senses. Here, science, rationality, reason, and logic are the prime mandates. However, in the Black Veils tradition, to have a strong foundation in the Dayside, one must master several universal life dynamics. These include a focus on the Self, Creativity, Glamour (social dynamics), Wellness, Solvency, Preservation, and Perpetuity (the Quest of Immortality).

These dynamics cover the fundamental aspects of mundane life such as the handling of money and taxes, physical and psychological health, social skills, street smarts, and so on. From the Black Veils perspective, a reference to one’s “Dayside Family” is a reference to their biological/birth/mundane/blood family or blood relatives. The ultimate goal of working in the Dayside is to focus on one’s optimal mastery of the “Mortal Coil.”


The Nightside is the subjective and subtle reality beyond the profane world and the five senses. This is the essence of the Vampyre Culture, in which a Vampyre can assume and awaken to their own genuine nature, free of mundane restraints. Most Black Veil Vampyres ritualistically enter the most basic levels of the Nightside by changing their style of dress, choosing a “Nightside” or “Vampyre Name,” and maintaining a balance so that their Dayside life is kept separate. However, some Vampyres seek more of a connection with the Nightside, and venture beyond the basics into the deeper meanings of magick, spirituality, esotericism, the paranormal, and the supernatural.

Endeavors belonging to this paradigm principally constitute explorations of magick, dreams, spirits, occultism, ritual, sorcery, the subtle reality, auras, reincarnation, chakras, and energy work. In order to master the Nightside paradigm, one must have a solid foundation in the Dayside so that they can objectively gauge the results of their practice without getting lost in the fantasy of the Vampire Mythos. One’s Nightside Family is their spiritual or “Vampyre Family” wherein the individual’s connection to others is formed through spiritual and philosophical bonds instead of physical bonds or blood relation. Most Vampyres only make slight contact with the Nightside realm through basic feeding and energy work techniques; truly advanced Vampyres move much deeper into this paradigm through various forms of initiation and ascension.


The Black Veil of Twilight is not about sparkling vampires lost in teen romance–it’s about something much more profound. Twilight is about contrast and balance, the equilibrium between the Dayside and the Nightside, where only results matter. Both Dayside and Nightside exist separately, of course, but when both are brought together in a state of equilibrium, the result is said to be “coming forth by Twilight.”

The most simplistic example of Twilight would be when a Vampyre who is ill and wishes to get better quickly and efficiently takes steps to do so,. As a matter of first priority, they will work from the Dayside, going to the doctor and making sure that all standard medical practices and procedures are carried out. At the same time, they will involve the Nightside by meditating and seeking holistic and spiritual healing. Together, appeals to both sides will result in Twilight, a state in which all bases are covered. The goal of the Vampyre is to live in a balanced state of Twilight, not limited only to the Dayside or Nightside paradigm, but rather empowered by the convergence of both.